The terms of publishing, review procedure for the authors of the e-Journal:

The manuscripts presented by Authors for the publication in the e-Journal "Institute of psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences. Social and economic psychology", further the Journal, can be published only by the following Terms of publication and due Rules of Execution (see appropriate section).


1.1 The first step for the publication in the e-Journal is the Application for the publication which the Author submits to the Editorial stuff by e-mail.

1.2 Publications for authors are free, access to full texts of articles for readers also are free via the Internet, full versions of the paper are available for reading as well as for printing in the Journal format with headlines.

1.3 The primary information on the Author and the manuscript have to be captured in the Application:

- The author(s) full name, scientific degree and the rank, the work position, the place of work (study), contact information of the author(s),

- the Title of the estimated publication;

- the Scientific themes of the e-Journals according to which the manuscript executed;

- the Type of the study (theoretical analysis, empirical research, the report on a conference, etc.);

- the Preparedness of the manuscript.

1.4 The manuscripts prepared by graduate students have to be followed by the recommendation of the research supervisor if he is not a coauthor of the paper.

1.5 After consideration of the Application the Editorial stuff discusses with the Author the terms in which article could present. In case of impossibility of presentation of the materials in time the Author reports about it to Editorial stuff for as soon as possible.

1.6 The Information Exchange between edition and the Author concerning reviewing and editing the manuscript is carried out only by e-mail. If the paper has the group of authors, it is necessary to specify the Author authorized to make decisions regarding the presentation of material and further work with reviewers.

1.7 The Application for the publication and the submission of the manuscript means the consent of the Author with this Terms of the publication in the e-Journal.


2.1 Material for the publication is also represented in electronic form.

2.2 The e-Journal publishes the original, earlier not published materials on current problems, the corresponding Scientific themes of the Journal. The materials should contain the finished research which conclusions are reasonable and have no preliminary character. Pilot research not accepted but can be an insignificant part of the manuscript in need of justification of the main part of work.

2.3 Materials can correspond to various genres of the publication, such as theory and methodological article, methodical article, article by results of an empirical (experimental) research, survey and analytical article, etc. The magazine does not publish the manuscripts executed in a genre "short report". The paper executed in any genre has to correspond to Rules of execution of manuscripts and contain the main sections (see the subsection VOLUME AND STRUCTURE of the MANUSCRIPT below).

2.4 The text of the manuscript should not contain signs of plagiarism

(see the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Art. 1229, item 1. and autoplagiarism, that is the same materials cannot be transferred by the Author at the same time to different publishing houses. Earlier published text of the author should be followed by such preamble as "it was shown earlier …" or other similar phrases, and the full reference on the publication.


3.1 The volume of the presented manuscript should be from 20 000 to 40 000 signs.

3.2 At the manuscript there should be following main parts:

- The Title in Russian - no more than 8-10 words;

- after the Title in Russian the footnote down of the first page with the designation is possible (asterisk) in which information on work financing is specified;

- The author(s) full name (s) in Russian;

- After each surname of the author without gap the asterisk should be put (one/three, etc. depending on number of authors), the admission of a line becomes further and for each author from a new line under the corresponding quantity of asterisks information on a scientific rank, position, the place of work (through a comma in the Nominative case), after a semicolon the postal address of the organization with the index, through a semicolon the e-mail address should be provided. The information about authors is made out by the 12th size through 1,5 intervals - for more details see Rules of execution of the manuscript and the Model of execution of the manuscript.

- The SUMMARY in Russian (200-250 words); the summary has to reflect the main content of work in the following sequence: a current problem, the purpose, the received results, their discussion and conclusions. In the summary, it is desirable to use Keywords - for more details see Rules of execution of the manuscript and the Model of execution of the manuscript.

- KEYWORDS in Russian (10-15 words or phrases); keywords are the main terms used in the text from the most general to more differentiated.

- The MAIN TEXT of WORK (about execution of the main text of cm the section of the Rule of execution of the manuscript);


- After the List of references, the information of the first page should be repeated in English - for more details see Rules of execution of the manuscript and the Model of execution of the manuscript.


4.1 All manuscripts presented for the publication in the e-Journal undergo obligatory reviewing by experts. The papers issued in compliance with Rules of execution of manuscripts are not allowed to be reviewing. If the paper does not correspond to Rules, it comes back to the author with the corresponding justification for completion.

4.2 Reviewers are appointed by Editorial board from among leading experts on the theme of the paper. The Edition carries out reviewing of all materials coming to edition corresponding to its themes for their expert assessment. All reviewers are recognized experts in the topics of the reviewed materials and have within the last three years of the publication on the theme of the reviewed article. Reviews stored in Editorial desk within five years.

4.3 The Independence of examination is provided with the anonymity of reviewers which is guaranteed by the Editor-in-chief of the Journal and Deputy Editors in Chief of the Journal. Communication of the Author with reviewers is carried out only through edition. According to the decision of Editorial board the manuscript can be submitted for examination to one or several experts and reported about it to the Author. The Responses of reviewers intend to the Author and members of Editorial board only.

4.4 The Editorial desk sends to Author(s) the copy of reviews or motivated refusal and undertakes to post the text of revisions to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at the receipt in the Editorial desk the corresponding inquiry.

4.5 The review is considered positive if the reviewer(s) recommend the manuscript for the publication without completion or with completion according to his remarks. In the presence of remarks, edition transfers to the Author the paper to completion. The author accepts the manuscript and finishes it. In the presence of several reviewers, the Author considers remarks of all experts.

4.6 In the presence of remarks the Author submits the answer to the reviewer(s). If the author does not agree with any remark of the reviewer(s), should prove the position in writing. Ignoring of remarks is inadmissible. The author also has the right to withdraw the manuscript at the impossibility of introduction of changes for various reasons.

4.7 Disagreements with the reviewer(s) solved before completion of the paper.

4.8 The final answer of the Author to the reviewer(s) or the processed manuscript are accepted by Editorial board for making the decision on the publication. Repeated processing of the paper is possible after the arrangement of Editorial board. Reviews of independent experts are decisive for deciding on the publication.

4.9 The paper can be rejected by Editorial desk in case of unresolved disagreements with the reviewer (s) or lack of completion at the repeated receipt of paper. Editorial board does not consider the paper in case of initially negative review in which there is no recommendation to the publication of material.

4.10 In case of a rejection of the paper according to the decision of Editorial board or initially negative review the Author can process material, including conduct additional research and submit the manuscript for the publication under the new title by general practice, since the first stage of the publication – application.